To: Governor Ned Lamont

Governor Dan Malloy: It is time to implement the new license for MSW (LMSW)

Governor Malloy, MSW graduates are having a difficult time getting hired without a license. It is time to implement the new license for social workers (LMSW)

Why is this important?

Legislation was passed over a year ago for the implementation of the new license for MSW (LMSW). This legislation is still not implemented and has created much hardship for MSW graduates to obtain jobs. The National Association of Social Workers(NASW) was informed by the state Governor/legislature, that there were no funds to implement this license. It is time for the governor and or legislatures to act now and implement this license.
Many organizations/agencies are requiring MSWs to have a
license in order to get a job. It is very important that this legislation be implemented.