To: Governor Ralph Northam

Governor McAuliffe: Uphold Private Property Rights

Environmental Action

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Due to Virginia Code Section 56-49.01, natural gas companies like Dominion Resources can trespass onto the private property of Virginia citizens to survey for gas pipelines without due process or compensation. This is nothing more than an attack on the Bill of Rights, specifically the 5th Amendment.

Private property rights should never be infringed upon, and especially not for oil and gas exploration or fracking. We call on Governor McAuliffe to meet with property owners who are now being sued by Dominion for refusing to allow them onto their property, and, furthermore, call on the Governor to develop new legislation that would scrap Section 56-49.01 and deem it unconstitutional. While fracking and natural gas exploration occurs beneath the ground, we must never allow these practices to become above the law.

Thank You

Why is this important?

Dominion Resources is suing private property owners for refusing to allow the onto their property to survey a new gas pipeline that would stretch through West Virginia to North Carolina.

Under Section 56-49.01 of the Virginia Code, gas companies like Dominion do not even require the permission of property owners to come onto their land. This is nothing short of an attack on the constitutional rights of Virginia property owners.

It's bad enough that fracking and natural gas exploration poisons our water, land and air and we cannot allow Big Oil to have even more license to be above the law. Governor McAuliffe must classify Section 56-49.01 as unconstitutional and scrap it immediately in an effort to protect our environment and rights as citizens and property owners.