To: Governor Charlie Baker

Governor Patrick: Ask MassDOT to Create a Cogent Transportation Routing Plan for Massachusetts

We, the undersigned, ask the Governor's support in working with the Secretary of Transportation to consider all aspects of the effects that the truck ban through the City of Boston will have to both citizens and commerce.

The 9-mile route through Boston would become a 52-mile route around the city and with diesel fuel expected to exceed $5 per gallon by this summer the impact on transportation of gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil could top $100,000,000 in additional transportation costs.

The impact on public safety departments in the affected cities and towns, already decimated by significant budget constraints, could result in tragic circumstances if they are unable to respond when needed.

The access to public water supplies that routing around Boston would create, is also a significant concern should an accident occur where there is a release of hazardous materials that may result in the pollution of thousands of citizens' drinking water.

The transportation of hazardous materials requires a regional solution, not a piecemeal solution--one town at a time.

Why is this important?

As some of you are aware, Visual Risk Technology and Dr. Lepofsky, MMTA’s hired consultant, has crafted a response to Battelle's response to MassDOT on issues raised in our analysis. After presenting Dr. Lepofsky's materials to MassDOT they have required Battelle to respond to points made in his report. Both of these reports are posted on our website for your review.

In addition, we are hearing reports that MassDOT is poised to make a ruling this month. As some of you are aware, we are trying to come up with our own risk analysis that may refute the risk established in the Battelle report. We are asking now for all of our members to take action and sign on to this letter to the Governors office to ensure MassDOT creates a cogent transportation routing plan for Massachusetts.