To: Governor Ralph Northam

Governor Ralph Northam: You must resign!

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In light of the recently uncovered pictures of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in his medical school yearbook that clearly show he is a racist, Governor Northam must resign immediately.

Why is this important?

There is no place in public life for a bigot, let alone a governor of a historically important commonwealth. We should all be deeply offended.
UPDATE: Northam, taking the route that most cowards take, and after apologizing for the horrible yearbook image, now says the offensive photo on HIS yearbook page was NOT HIM???
Of course! All of the pictures on the two pages EXCEPT THAT ONE in the content of HIS Yearbook pages that were about him, Ralph Northam, AKA “COONMAN” !!! Sure.

Reasons for signing

  • He is worthless and not for Virginia. If he were and doing what was best for Virginia he would be listening to all Virginians and not just to those who think like him. He has absolutely no right trying to take all of our rights away from us including the 2nd Amendment and Constitutional Rights. In my opinion he is on a power trip and has his own agenda to destroy Virginia. He needs to go NOW!t
  • Government is now reopening all states and cities. The official government petitions are finally reopen. Education and schools are are reopening all states and cities.
  • He has done nothing that but discrase the people that built this state and the constitution but most of all the the lord almighty!!!!

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