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To: Brian Kemp

Green New Deal Georgia

Green New Deal Georgia

Forests are burning. People are dying. Our planet crumbles yet we continue our corruption on planet earth. Excuses like cost and feasibility are thrown around but there will be no money if we continue like this. It is part of the governors job to ensure life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Ocean levels rising doesn't ensure life. Liberty cannot be fought for in burning forests. Happiness cannot be found as people die around us. So, as the governors job and our jobs as citizens, we must support the Green New Deal, starting small with Georgia.

Why is this important?

I am a student, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I barely have my life together, let alone a plan for my future, but seeing the destruction around me only goes to show I may not have a future.
Look at your children. Should they be forced to live in a world where the air is as toxic as breathing poison?
Everywhere around us, we see people building for their futures, whether it be children in school or adults building a family. How dare we strip that future away from them?
What gives us the right to burn fossil fuels and destroy the planet? What gives us the right to turn pastures into junkyards only to dump the burden on the next generation? What gives us the right to value objects like money and gasoline as more valuable than the lives of thousands of people.
Sign this to support the Green New Deal being passed in Georgia. Sign this for Georgia to lead the nation into rebuilding. Sign this to be the generation to finally make a change for the better.

Reasons for signing

  • Ignorance and denial.


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