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To: Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, Juniper Downs, Google Global Director of Public Affairs, Larry Page, Google Co-founder, Sergey Brin, Google Co-founder

Hey @Google: Stop funding climate change deniers

Google has released a list of the organizations it sponsors, including groups that consistently deny climate change.

What Google is doing is inexcusable and the company MUST stop funding climate change deniers.

Google claims to be an advocate for climate change policy. But Google has made generous donations to organizations like CEI that were instrumental in pushing the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement and reverse Obama-era environmental protections. This is absolutely inexcusable.

In addition, Google has contributed to organizations like State Policy Network, an umbrella organization including the Heartland Institute, a known anti-science group.

Google employees upset by Google’s behavior have even criticized Google for reportedly funding 111 members of Congress who voted against climate legislation 90% of the time. If Google is so supportive of climate change policy, then why are they funding those who vote against the climate action that we need?

Why is this important?

Join me now in demanding that Google stop funding these climate confusers and start funding climate action.

Reasons for signing

  • Google is funding the doom of life on Earth. WTF???
  • Big corporations like Google should not be allowed to give money to influence decision that affect the lives and futures of everyone in our society and the future of our children, of mankind and most creatures on Earth. It is anti-democratic and it is corrupting our government and our society and destroying our futures for their obscene profits!
  • We need to consider our children and all future children and their futures by saving our planet.


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