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To: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, stand aside so Sanders can defeat Trump!

We now know that the Democratic primary elections were not fair. Your choice of Tim Keane confirms suspicions that you are not a committed progressive, and that your shift to the left to compete with Sanders was not sincere. And now the polls say you are losing. Why is that?

Millions of Americans who once worked for good pay, and their children, have been pushed to the brink by a raft of policies that favor the rich. Nowadays, nearly all US economic growth goes to the rich. Political decisions have ignored all but the rich since Bill Clinton's presidency. Desperate Americans are searching for someone to vote for who isn't a friend of Wall Street.

Seeing no serious and credible opponent of Wall Street in the race, many turn to Trump's barrage of nonsense. They don't care that he falsifies the facts and contradicts himself, or that he's a racist and a sexist. They admire his "courage" to insult mere ordinary citizens and beat them up, imagining that he might do the same to the banksters. (Fat chance!)

Your run for president is on the rocks, but Bernie Sanders has a chance to win -- if you get out of the way. He sincerely aims to end the power of the rich, restore democracy, and reorient the economy to serve most Americans, and voters know this. He can pull millions of voters away from Trump and inspire them to come to the polls.

Why is this important?

Think of your country, and support Sanders for President at the Democratic Convention. It is not too late.