To: Former Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1), and Sen. Bernard Sanders (VT-2)

.@HillaryClinton, @SenWarren, @SenSanders: Back Obama's Iran Diplomacy

Democratic leaders Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should strongly back President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry's efforts to negotiate a comprehensive agreement with Iran on constraining its nuclear program by the November 24 deadline, thereby ensuring that Iran will not build a nuclear weapon and de-escalating tensions in the Middle East, helping us prevent war in the future.

Why is this important?

U.S. negotiators are facing a November 24 deadline to try to conclude a comprehensive agreement with Iran on constraining its nuclear program. The New York Times recently reported [1] that the White House has decided to try to avoid in the near future a Congressional vote on any agreement reached with Iran, using the President’s power – granted by Congress – to suspend U.S. sanctions on Iran, rather than seeking legislation to repeal them. The U.S. Treasury Department has concluded that President Obama has the legal authority to suspend the vast majority of U.S. sanctions on Iran without seeking a vote by Congress.

But some Members of Congress, like Republican Senator Mark Kirk and Republican Senator John Cornyn, want to derail President Obama’s efforts to achieve a diplomatic agreement. [2]

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry will have a brief window of opportunity after the U.S. election in November to negotiate an agreement – a window of opportunity that may not come again. [3] When President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry negotiated the interim nuclear deal with Iran, Senator Warren [4] and Senator Sanders [5] were early supporters. Former Secretary of State Clinton attacked the deal through surrogates [6], only finally embracing the deal [7] when opponents of the deal were about to concede. [8]

If key Democratic leaders don’t support President Obama’s diplomacy, an agreement with Iran will be much less likely. Urge these three key Democratic leaders to support President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran by signing our petition.