To: The Tennessee State House, The Tennessee State Senate, and Governor Bill Lee

Housing for Low Income Single Parents

I support the LEAP Organization's Supportive Housing Program and would like any available pass through or grant funding made available to assist LEAP in providing additional housing to low income single parents.

Why is this important?

Of the 30 million households in the U.S. with housing problems, 14.5 million qualify for government aid, yet only 4.1 million are actually receiving any. Statistically affordable housing is becoming hard to find because for every 100 very low-income renters; only 76 affordable rental units are currently available. The LEAP Organization is striving to bridge the gap by adding 36 affordable rental units in Clarksville, TN and is in dire need for support from the community by pledging to contribute $5 monthly for the supportive housing program and signing this petition to show our government that the community is behind this effort. To contribute visit