To: Chris Watts, Mayor of Denton, Dianne Edmondson, Commissioner Pct. 4, and J. Bruce Bugg, Jr, Chairman, Texas Dept. of Transportation

How many more need to die? Fix Hickory Creek Road!!

Force Denton County, TxDOT, and the City of Denton to make Hickory Creek Road safer (East of Biddy Bye Lane through to Country Club Rd). A short term solution such as reinforced guard rails and reflectors or lighting is needed. They also must implement a plan to overhaul that section of road in the next 12 months.

Why is this important?

Today it was discovered that two teen boys lost their lives when their vehicle drove into the creek. How many more people need to die before action is taken to make Hickory Creek Road safer? Four people have died since 2017* on this stretch of road alone. This road lacks basic safety measures such as guardrails and an inadequate amount of reflective posts. It's a road that winds along a 20-foot drop into a creek with a sharp S turn. It ends at Country Club Rd in a steep, angled hill that has seen more than a dozen incidents in the past 2 years.
*Awaiting an official number from City of Denton or the County, currently official statement was "multiple fatalities" before today's incident.