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To: Chief Justice Judge Timothy Evans, Cook County Court

Illegal eviction, Cook County Sheriff’s aiding attorney’s

Illegal eviction, Cook County Sheriff’s aiding attorney’s

Investigate and remove judges who render judgements without evidence by cooperating with plaintiff’s attorney’s who bring cases before them and they fail to listen to the defendants or review evidence of the defendant. Now 3 more judges are covering for the original judges, judgement.

Why is this important?

Because no one should lose their Condominium because the Manager of the Association loses entire year history and hires an attorney when they had no proof to pursue in court and add up excessive fees. The attorney uses his connection with the court to win a judgement and 4 Judges are protecting the 1st Judge. The manager failed to record payments made toward the judgement. The Condominium Board member who is a lawyer uses his law firm and connection with Cook County Sheriff office to remove me from my home of 13 1/2 years. Stating falsely that no payments were made when in fact payments were received and the manager never recorded and denied receiving them. The Sheriffs acted on this false information and showed up and remove me from my home. The association changed my locks and I have been fighting them ever since. They have removed all my earthly belongings I am homeless. November 14, 2019 Judge asked the board members partner only $89.00 is due? He said yes. I paid $90.00 on December 3, 2019 in front of the new judge. Now this judge has stated I can’t get a satisfaction of judgement paid and don’t ask any more. I pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance every month. This association, President the crooked accountant and Board member lawyer with his conflict of interest are determined to take my unit. Illegally renting it out without permit from the village of Glenwood, Illinois. I purchased my property and my mortgage company and I own my unit. No unit homeowner should have to endure homelessness because of unscrupulous attorneys and unethical judges.

Reasons for signing

  • I personally vouch for the character of the petitioner as honest and fair minded
  • No one should lose their home without proof and due process
  • Because someone of the laws for evictions are unfair.


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