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To: U.S. Congress

Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Credible accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanagh were never thoroughly investigated before his confirmation to the Supreme Court. He never should have been confirmed. Impeach Kavanaugh now and begin the thorough investigations we deserve, which could result in his removal from the court.

Why is this important?

When Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, multiple women came forward bravely to share their experiences of Kavanaugh's sexual assault, aggression, and maliciousness. Now, we know for sure the FBI never fully investigated these credible accusations—because they were following the Trump administration's politicized directions.

Clearly, this investigation was incomplete, inexcusable, and designed to dismiss the multiple cases of sexual assault brought forward. Republicans rushed through Kavanagh's confirmation without a thorough investigation.

Nobody should be in a lifetime seat on the nation's highest court under such circumstances. The Senate must impeach Kavanaugh immediately.

Reasons for signing

  • That subject is not apt to hold a seat in the Supreme Court, his "values" or better said the illusion of it, are not what represent the majority of the country and he needs to be held accountable for the trespasses that he has made on women in his past.
  • Perjury and obstruction of justice with interupted investigations
  • He has an agenda!


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