To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

In Syria Transition Talks, Syrian Kurds Must Be at the Table

Syrian Kurds who have been fighting alongside the U.S. against ISIS must be included in the political process to end the Syrian civil war.

Why is this important?

As part of the diplomatic process to end the Syrian civil war, Saudi Arabia is hosting a meeting of Syrian opposition groups that is supposed to select representatives to talks with the Syrian government on a transition government. The fact that such a meeting is taking place is a positive development.

But the main Syrian Kurdish group that has been fighting alongside the U.S. against ISIS has been excluded from the Saudi-hosted meeting, apparently at the insistence of Turkey. [1] That's unacceptable. Not having all the parties at the table risks sabotaging the transition talks and could undermine the ceasefire that is supposed to happen once the transition talks start, by January 1.

Urge President Obama and Congress to speak up for the inclusion of Syrian Kurds who have been fighting against ISIS in the transition talks by signing our petition.


Reasons for signing

  • The U.S. should support the Kurdish people. They have paid for that support with the lives of their people.
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  • Bijî ÅŸoreÅŸa kurdistanê

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