To: The New Jersey State Senate and Governor Phil Murphy


Many people in New Jersey have been laid off and are unemployed - many for the first time in their lives. As a result they have had to file for food stamps, and housing and utility assistance (for the first time in their lives). We ask that:

1 - You stop the delays, up to three months in many counties for food stamp approval
2 - You increase the amount granted based on NEED, not just size of household and/or amount of income
3 - Hire additional employees and caseworkers in all areas of non-profit, charitable, and state social services
4 - Increase funding to Social Services to allow for more funding to go directly to the unemployed

Why is this important?

Governor Chris Christie continues to claim that he has made major economic improvements in the State of New Jersey. If this is true, where are the new jobs? Why is he laying off teachers? Why is there still a freeze in hiring for state positions? Social Services clearly needs more, not less, employees, and funding. The delays in assisting the unemployed with vital social services is inexcusable, as is the amount of funds available.