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To: The United States Senate

Investigate and Impeach Samuel Alito

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has enjoyed luxury vacations paid for by a rightwing megadonor who has brought cases before the court. Alito never revealed these gifts, nor recused himself from the cases. This is the latest instance of a corrupt Supreme Court. The Senate must investigate Alito and all the corruption and, if they find wrongdoing, impeach.

Why is this important?

Paul Singer is a billionaire who donates to rightwing causes and has been part of cases heard by the Supreme Court. He also paid for Justice Samuel Alito's luxury vacation—with $1000/night lodging and flight on a private jet.

It's one thing for Singer to curry favor with lavish gifts. It's another for a Supreme Court justice, who should be held to the highest levels of scrutiny and of ethics, to accept these gifts. Not only did Alito accept the vacation, but he never disclosed it, and did not recuse himself from cases involving his benefactor, Singer.

This is the latest example of why the Supreme Court needs a clear and enforceable code of ethics. Justice Clarence Thomas has received hundreds of thousands in gifts from rightwing megadonor Harlan Crow—who also owns the home where Thomas's mother lives rent-free and paid for private school tuition for Thomas's godchild.

While we need a code of ethics, we also need thorough investigations into what gifts the justices received, from whom, and what business those benefactors had before the court. We need investigations on why the justices failed to disclose these gifts or recuse themselves. And we need impeachment hearings to pursue wrongdoings that bring shame to the court and corruption to the cause of justice.

This Supreme Court has been packed by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and is now in the thrall of a rightwing majority that's out of step with the American people, that overturns decades of precedent, that legislates from the bench, and that pursues a conservative crusade to strip tens of millions of Americans of their freedoms and their rights, while protecting corporations, polluters, and billionaires. No wonder the court is at its lowest approval rating in history as it has squandered public trust with its crusades and corruption We ultimately need to expand and rebalance the court to restore its integrity.

In the meantime, the Senate should immediately launch investigations into Alito, as well as Thomas, to learn the truth behind these undisclosed gifts—and follow the evidence to real accountability, including impeachment.


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