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To: SUNY Buffalo Campus, The University Police Department at Buffalo State College

Investigate Foul Play at SUNY Buffalo State College- Missing College Student-Saniyya Dennis

Investigate Foul Play at SUNY Buffalo State College- Missing College Student-Saniyya Dennis

I would like the case of Missing College Student at SUNY Buffalo State College (Saniyya Dennis) to re-open on grounds of Foul Play.

Why is this important?

Saniyya Dennis is an Honor Student, She did not miss Work, She did not miss School.
Saniyya is a high achiever, she communicates with family regularly so it was not in her character to abruptly cut communication.
Saniyya takes school and her job on Campus very serious.
A protest was going on about racial injustices on campus before Saniyya went missing.
Clarence Shepard, a black student was profiled and brought up on Code of Conduct Violations that were later thrown out after a hearing.
He wasn’t able to sleep well for several nights because of the trauma that came along with it.
In Addition, an Instructor mentioned on video she was tired of hearing about BLM ( A group centered to address the issues of black people).

This story was published on 04/20/2021

Knowing these details gives cause to further investigate in the case of a Black Missing College Student who took education serious.
With just days after a protest for racial injustices on the Campus, and the probability of discussions lingering amongst students, Foul Activity could have been at play here.

Saniyya Dennis was Last seen in the Elevator on Campus 04/24/2021 and wearing what seems to be a mask with the school logo.
Saniyya appeared to be wearing a hoodie and open sneakers.
Given the time range she was on the elevator between 10:30pm-11pm, and the way she was dressed, does not appear she was going far distance on foot.

Reasons for signing

  • Sending prayers❤️🙏🏾
  • Because deep in my heart, I know something sadly happened to this very pretty young lady. I seriously hope they find her safe and sound.
  • This is so heartbreaking. Sending prayers.


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