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To: U.S. Department of Justice

Investigate Marjorie Taylor Greene

We need a thorough, unobstructed investigation to determine what kind of threat Marjorie Taylor Greene’s potential mishandling of the documents she reviewed in the SCIF might pose to national security.

If she did copy down and intend to share top secret information, then her access to highly-sensitive and classified information must be revoked.

If Rep. Greene intends to use her security clearance to share sensitive documents for political points, her access to classified documents MUST be revoked.

Why is this important?

Marjorie Taylor Greene might have just admitted on live television to violating the public trust with highly sensitive information.

Just hours after Donald Trump’s indictment for obstructing justice and hoarding classified documents that he shared with guests at Mar-A-Lago, Marjorie Taylor Greene went on FOX News to brag about circumventing the confidentiality of a secure Congressional review of materials.

After reading documents in a SCIF – a secured location often used to review highly classified government and military information – Rep. Greene claims she immediately copied down “everything that [she] had just read” to share publicly [1].

If the materials were classified, it could be a violation of the law – and if this is how she handles highly sensitive information reserved for a SCIF, we can’t trust her to continue having access to our nation’s most closely-kept secrets.

As a member of Congress, Rep. Greene has a responsibility to use her power – and the privileges of her office – in a way that best serves her constituents.

Instead, her public admissions raise serious questions about her approach to our national security – threatening to release top secret information as a tactic for her own political gain and to cast doubt on the legitimate investigation into Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice and mishandling of classified documents. It’s an unethical, irresponsible way to use her office – and a possibly illegal one.

If Rep. Greene is this cavalier about her access to sensitive government information, she shouldn’t have this access in the first place.




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