To: Ivanka Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

@IvankaTrump: Watch Yemen Famine Video, Press Dad to Spare Hodeida

Watch the CNN video about famine in Yemen. Urge Dad to spare Hodeida & save Yemen from "biblical famine."

Why is this important?

Foreign Policy magazine reports: "Ivanka Trump Wants to Highlight the Humanitarian Crises Her Father Ignores." [1] But so far Ivanka hasn't highlighted the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. By speaking out on Yemen, Ivanka could single-handedly save millions of Yemenis from famine, because the main cause pushing Yemen towards famine is the Saudi war and blockade that the U.S. is backing. Aid groups, the UN, former US officials and 55 House Members have warned that if the U.S. helps Saudi Arabia attack the Yemeni port of Hodeida, that will almost certainly push Yemen into famine. [2]

An 8 minute CNN interview with Jan Egeland of the Norwegian Refugee Council has the information Ivanka needs to convince Dad to spare Hodeida. Egeland told CNN: "There is one port here called Hodeida where we get all of the relief through and where most of the commercial import has come through. That port is now threatened by attack. If it is attacked, that lifeline will be cut and millions will surely not have food." [3]

Urge Ivanka to watch the CNN video and press Dad to spare Hodeida by signing our petition.



Reasons for signing

  • Please follow the conscious!
  • Special place in hell for Jared if he keeps the Saudi blockade of aid in place and starves 150 kids and infants a day
  • Ivanka, being the daughter of a father who is recklessly running a whole nation, I truly believe you have the power to make a positive change by urging your dad to reject Saudi Arabia's attacks on Hodeida and Yemen. We cannot keep fueling violence and poverty and we must keep millions from having to suffer from more violence and famine. We should be helping millions across the globe who are in terrible conditions and put millions more funding toward peace building programs instead.