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To: President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Fire FBI Director Chris Wray on Day One

According to its own website, the FBI’s first priority is to protect the country from terrorism. Because the events of January 6, 2021 make clear that the Bureau under Director Chris Wray’s leadership has failed at that mission, Biden must fire Wray without delay.

Why is this important?

On January 6, people watched in horror as violent white supremacist extremists stormed the Capitol building and temporarily forced the electoral college certification process to a halt.

As awful as the day’s events were, it is clear that they were almost much worse. Many of the insurrectionists came with weapons, handcuffs, and zip ties - ready to take hostages or worse. Members of Congress and their staff were secured from the rioters with virtually no time to spare.

This violent attempt to overturn November’s election result was rightfully shocking to the general public, but participants had made no secret of their plans. The FBI either failed to monitor what white supremacists and right wing extremists were openly plotting or were aware and chose not to act -- either is an unacceptable betrayal of its mission and failure of leadership.

Biden must hold those responsible accountable. He must fire FBI Director Chris Wray on day one of his administration.



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