To: Joe Heck

Joe Heck: Disavow Donald Trump

By refusing to admit the threat posed by Donald Trump to our nation, Joe Heck is breaking faith with the people of Nevada. When the stakes are this high, it is unacceptable for any politician to put party loyalty over their duty to keep this country safe. Heck must immediately disavow Trump, and reject his reckless approach to foreign policy.

Why is this important?

I proudly served in the United States Armed Forces for 8 years. I was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I live by a code of conduct instilled in me through my service, a code that taught me to be selfless, to never leave a fallen soldier behind, to honor the flag, and to honor the Commander-in-Chief.

Donald Trump does not share these values. Recently, 50 Republican national security leaders wrote a letter warning that Trump "would be the most reckless President in American history.” But still, Joe Heck says that he would trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes.

It is frankly scary that Joe Heck, who I respect for serving his country, would support such a man to lead the most powerful military on Earth. Anyone who has held the responsibility of a General knows that Donald Trump lacks the judgement to engage our armed forces.

Join me in telling Joe Heck that his support for Donald Trump shows a lack of judgement-- judgement we are looking for in our next US Senator. Along with fellow Nevada veterans, I will personally deliver the signatures from this petition to Joe Heck. Heck must listen to the people of Nevada and help keep our country safe by making it clear that Donald Trump lacks the judgement to be Commander-in-Chief.

Eric Sutton,
E4 Senior Airman USAF Iraq and Afghanistan.