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To: Ron Desantis

Justice for PetSmarts actions

PetSmart, a popular pet goods store, is abusing their animals. This store also offers pet grooming services, in which many have reported animals dying shortly after or during their visit. This needs to be stopped. Our family dog became aggressive and scared around people shortly after getting groomed there. He became so afraid. He passed from a series of strokes. We can fix this problem by gaining others experiences and help raise awareness. This needs to be stopped to prevent further abuse and animal losses.

Why is this important?

Have you had a family pet? Imagine your loved one dying to a lack of care. Kobe, a 12 year old poodle, died during a nail clipping at a PetSmart store. 47 cases across 14 states since 2008 (2008-2021) states family's claim they took their dog to PetSmart, just for it to die during or shortly after their visit. I have my own experience. Our family dog, Marshall, became aggressive and scared toward humans after his visit. We couldn't touch his neck or side abdomen. We had to rehome him in hopes 1-1 companionship would be better for him, and he died from a series of strokes. PetSmarts horrid actions should be punished.


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