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To: Mexican Government

Justice for Shanquella Robinson

To whom this petition may concern, a murder has occurred on your soil and upon discovering the victim and examined, the victim was diagnosed as no clear evidence that the victim was unresponsivedue to foul play. This kind of incompetent diagnosis on behalf of medical professionals is appalling at best. I understand that the economy is sustained in large part by the tourists who visit the country, but a life has been lost. I am appealing to the country of Cabo, Mexico to please do the right thing and pursue criminal charges and prosecution of these individuals for murder. True justice would be to have the guilty parties convicted on Mexican soil since the crime was committed on Mexican soil. This aggressive pursuit of justice for not just the wrongful death of Ms Shanquella Robinson but justice for her mother and her father who will never get an opportunity to see nor speak to her ever again would cause Mexico to be looked at in great light.
Details: Arrived in Cabo, Mexico -October 28th 2022
October 29th Shanquella Robinson was pronounced dead. Mexico please work with US officials to convict those individuals who are guilty.

Why is this important?

The heartless taking of life cannot go unpunished regardless of where it happens and regardless of who it happens to. Shanquella Robinson did not deserve this from those she trusted. Justice must be served.


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