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To: Mayor John Antaramian, District Attorney Michael D. Graveley, and Attorney General Josh Kaul


We are demanding Mayor Antaramian, District Attorney Gravely and Attorney General Kaul to immediately fire and arrest the officer who shot Jacob "Jake" Blake in the back seven times. This officer attempted to murder a father in front of his children, and are clearly unfit to hold their positions as police officers.

Why is this important?

On Sunday, August 23, 2020, police officers reported to a scene of an alleged domestic dispute. When police arrived on the scene, they encountered Jacob “Jake” Blake, a 29-year-old father. Witnesses say Jake had just broken up a fight between two women in the neighborhood. Cellphone video footage shows Jake walking away from two police officers, both officers have their weapons drawn on him as he attempts to enter his vehicle. Once Jake opened the door of his vehicle, one officer grabbed his shirt and shot him in the back seven times.

His three children were in the car.

We're demanding the immediate firing and arrest of the officer who attempted to murder Jake Blake.



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