To: Joe Spencer, Art Director, Heather O'Keeffe, President of St Patrick's Association, and Chris Coleman, St Paul Mayor

Keep the 17th! St Patrick's Day Parade, St Paul MN

The St Patrick's Day Parade in St Paul has always been held on the 17th of March. There is talk from the city to change that and hold it solely on a Saturday to drive more money, families and ease of closing the street during business days. Help Support to keep the St Patrick's Day parade to the 17th!

Why is this important?

Lets all stand with the St Pat's Association and everything they have done over the past 47 years in St Paul has held the annual St Patrick's Day parade on the 17th of March (with the exception of Sunday when the parade is held on Saturday.) This is a tradition many families, have had for many of these years. More than not, turnout has been decreased for colder weather vs the day of the week the parade is held. It is always fun to see kids from the city schools taking a break to come out and watch, business people standing in the few skyways the parade route marches under and the same faces of those who just want to take part in the day's events.

For the city to shut down the roads for maybe an hour or two max, mid day, could it possibly be that much of an inconvenience or more of the city's way to bring in more money? Due to the St Pat's Association footing the bill for the events and parade, they should have more of a voice in this as well but they need our help.

Bottom line is there is far more need of events in St Paul versus our 1 day parade. Yes its great to have it on Saturdays, but its the nostalgia of being a kid and never having gone to school because your parents have pulled you out every year and then as an adult you have never been to work and start to pull your kids for that one special day. St Paul has always been a family city, lets keep those traditions alive and continue to hold our city's parade and those of family tradition to the 17th of March.