To: Renewal Realty

Renewal Realty: Keep The COVE in Knox Gates!

We are asking the owners and management of Renewal Realty to keep The COVE on the premises.

Why is this important?

The COVE (Community Organized with a Vision of Excellence) is a Media Arts & Literacy Program for at-risk teens in an under-resourced area in the Norwood section of the Bronx. For 25 years The COVE has offered neighborhood teens a safe space off the streets, media arts and literacy development, job and college preparation, homework help, educational trips, recreation, life skills, and positive relationships with peers and mentoring adults.

Help them remain in their neighborhood! Please sign this petition and tell your friends and family - The COVE needs 2,000 signatures!

The Knox Gates Neighborhood Association (KGNA), a grassroots community organization of area residents, was organized in 1977 to target the drug trafficking, violence, and neglect that was pushing the community towards deterioration and despair. In 1988, with additional help from foundations and local institutions, a group of teens and neighbors rehabilitated a donated neighborhood basement and initiated their youth after-school and summer programs. Since 2010, KGNA/The COVE has collaborated with CTM Dreams to offer an excellent Media Arts & Literacy Program. The Board and staff of The COVE have gained skills and invaluable experience on how to design, staff, promote and deliver a meaningful and fun filled, neighborhood based youth program. Today, nearly 25 years stronger, The COVE continues their role as a trusted and consistent presence for young people in our community.

The Knox Gates Neighborhood Association (KGNA) believes in the power of community. Together the neighborhood youth, adults, and elders have organized to create The COVE, a safe space that provides neighborhood teens with after-school and summer programs. The COVE Media Arts & Literacy Program offers the neighborhood teens college and career readiness and a place to learn self-reliance, respect for others, and the skills to live full, cooperative, and productive lives.

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Para el propietario y administración de Renewal Realty:

Por favor, mantenga THE COVE en la calle de Knox Gates!
Durante 25 años THE COVE ha ofrecido a nuestros adolescentes del barrio:
*Un refugio seguro * Medios Cultura y Desarrollo de la Alfabetización * Recreación * Relaciones positivas con sus compañeros y mentores adultos * Preparación para trabajo y la Universidad *Ayuda con la Tarea *Viajes culturales *Habilidades para la vida


Reasons for signing

  • please keep this very important Bronx youth leadership resource alive!
  • I was a member of the cove when i was about 9-10. Great program!