To: Mark Mitchell, Program Director, KVEC 920

KVEC 920: Take Limbaugh Off the Air in San Luis Obispo

Take Rush Limbaugh off the air in San Luis Obispo.

Why is this important?

Rush Limbaugh's reprehensible attack on Sandra Fluke, the college student who spoke to Congress about women's reproductive rights, calling her a slut and a prostitute and asking her to make a sex video, should be the end of his on-air career. This is not a political issue - it is an issue regarding women's health and defamation of character. We need to send a message that we aren't going to put up with the blatant disrespect of the American people, all while this man gets rich off of endorsements and sponsorships. Let's convince KVEC 920 to kick him off the air in San Luis Obispo.