To: Bill Brann, Selectmen of Lamoine, ME, Gary McFarland, Slectmen of Lamoine, ME, Richard Fennelly, Selectmen of Lamoine, ME, Jo Cooper, Selectmen of Lamoine, ME, and Cynthia Donaldson, Selecmen of Lamoine, ME

Lamoine Beach Road Safety

The Lamoine Beach boat landing needs a STOP sign and a Road Ends sign to help protect drivers from fatal accidents in that location.

Why is this important?

It has been brought to my immediate attention that the public boat landing on Lamoine Beach is not properly marked to identify that the road comes to a very abrupt end and with little warning before transitioning into the ocean. In the past several years there have been more than 3 deaths at this location as well as several nonfatal accidents; simple changes such as adding a stop sign or a sign stating that the road ends may prevent any more such accidents from occurring.