To: John Gioia, Supervisor and Contra Costa Board of Supervisors

Land Acquisition for Community Park

I support the use of County funds to acquire the Mowery property at 4001/4011 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante for the development of a community park and cafe and urge the county to pursue the means to acquire it.

Why is this important?

Until this October, there is a rare opportunity to acquire a 1.5-acre property to create an urban hub for El Sobrante and surrounding communities. The concept attempts to build a public and private partnership with the County, East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD), and/or other foundations to transform the land into a park and restore its creek habitat. The plan includes a Cafe in the old Arco station, security, gardener, fence, two locking gates, an elevated boardwalk with fence below to prevent direct access to the creek and protect restored habitat. The acquisition allows for future development of an extended boardwalk to connect to Wildcat Canyon Trail and provide cyclists a safer route from 30,000 racing vehicles daily along San Pablo Dam Rd with no bike lane.


Reasons for signing

  • We need this for the kids !!
  • Enhancing the community through access to our local environment and providing space for community socializing is a great idea for our area!
  • We need a park and more recreational and social facilities like Cafes, Book Stores, restaurants, etc. We must make El Sobrante more interesting and livable like Berkeley & Albbany

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