To: Village of Nyack Board of Trustees

Leave Nyack's Waterfront Zoning Alone

We residents of Nyack and surrounding communities, ask that our current Waterfront zoning restrictions not be changed to suit a developer's higher, denser project. The current 45 feet (four stories) height restrictions should not be increased, nor should the floor area ratio (F.A.R.) be increased to allow for denser, bigger buildings than are currently allowed.

Why is this important?

The Nyack Village Board is now poised to pass a text amendment to the village's waterfront zoning which would allow a higher, denser, development on the vacant parcels at Gedney Street. The text amendment is being rushed through to allow the unfortunate TZVista development to be built by the developer who built the Clermont Condominiums. The current zoning, the result of Nyack's previous experiences with waterfront development, should be kept intact to protect the character of our village.