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To: The Georgia State House, The Georgia State Senate, and Governor Brian Kemp

Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Georgia

Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Georgia

Legalize recreational marijuana for people age 21 or older in the state of Georgia

Why is this important?

Marijuana should be legalized recreationally and regulated in state of Georgia for users 21 of age or older. Marijuana can help people with chronic pain, epilepsy, nausea, and vomiting. According to, a 2011 study showed that smoking or vaping marijuana 3 times a day for 5 days led to a 27% decrease of perceived pain in people who have chronic pain. More studies have shown cannabinoids reduce seizures especially in patients who are resistant to normal treatment. A 2001 study showed, 'patients who smoked cannabis showed a 70 - 100% relief from nausea and vomiting while those who used a THC capsule experienced 76 - 88% relief. Many military veterans suffer from PTSD, a disorder which is cause by traumatic events and may last months or years due to reoccurring memories of that moment. A 2009 research shows that " a cannabis based medicine name Nabilone reduced daytime flashbacks and improved overall sleep-quality in PTSD patients". Marijuana has many benefits, but did you know you can't fatally overdose? According to the independent article David Schmader says 'Even aspirin can kill you if you take too much, but a fatal dose of marijuana would require ingestion of fifteen hundred pounds in 15 minutes physically impossible for any human'.Legalizing marijuana can bring in an estimate of $1 billion a year. 11 states are now legalized for recreational and medical use. Why not be the 12th state?

Reasons for signing

  • Because I’m wanna smoke pot
  • To create opportunities for people to research the benefits of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.
  • to shmoke without 12 on my dick


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