To: Carl Heastie (NY-83), Alessandra Biaggi (NY-34), and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Let Her In!

Demand that leadership in Albany allow the first-ever woman, namely State Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to sit in statewide budget negotiations.

Why is this important?

Despite comprising over half of New York State's population, no woman has ever had a seat in statewide budget negotiations. The "three men in a room" insider culture of Albany has come to define politics in the Empire State for many disillusioned voters. Now that the leader of a five-member legislative conference has broken the mold and been allowed into that room, we must shatter the glass ceiling and allow leaders from all legislative conferences, including the accomplished female leader of the 24-member Democratic State Senate conference, to ensure every New Yorker's voice is represented when it counts.