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To: President Biden and Defense Secretary Austin

Let’s get U.S. troops out of Syria & Iraq!

Let’s get U.S. troops out of Syria & Iraq!

I urge you to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Iraq. U.S. troops should come home, and they must be withdrawn responsibly — with a complementary humanitarian and diplomatic surge that works to build a sustainable peace, holds war criminals on all sides accountable, welcomes refugees displaced by the conflict, and addresses the instability and suffering that violence-first U.S. foreign policy has caused.

Why is this important?

The Biden administration is continuing the devastating cycle of endless war.

On February 25, President Biden ordered airstrikes on militia forces in eastern Syria. Days later, rockets were launched on an air base housing U.S. troops in western Iraq. We’ve been here before: they bomb, we bomb, they bomb, we bomb.

In places like Syria and Iraq U.S. occupation has fueled historic instability, caused immense suffering, created millions of refugees, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. And if you’re reading this, you know what we know: this status quo has got to go.

Here’s the silver lining: because we’ve been here before, we’ve also learned what works — and we know that the only way ANY of this changes is with *grassroots pressure*. So we’ve got to get LOUD.

There is one straightforward, simple way we stop the cycle of endless war in its tracks, get U.S. troops out of harm's way, and stop them from deepening or causing new harm: we bring them home.


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  • We have to end this "endless war"


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