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To: Sarasota County School Board and the greater FL community

Let Zander Speak!

Human rights are not political. We must show the oppressive government of Florida that LGBTQ+ students will not be silenced by the “Don’t Say Gay” law!

Why is this important?

Zander Moricz, an 18-year-old student at Pine View School, is a plaintiff in the "Don't Say Gay" lawsuit and his school’s first openly-gay Class President.

School administration informed him that he was not permitted to reference his activism or role in the lawsuit in his graduation speech. If he were to do so, his microphone would be cut off and the ceremony would be brought to a halt.

This is not the beginning of the administration's opposition to his LGBTQ+ advocacy. Upon discovering that he was organizing a Say Gay walkout, all posters advertising the event were ripped from the walls and they instructed him to shut the event down–leveraging the threat of school security.

He held the walkout anyways, and it became Sarasota County’s largest protest. Now, he needs our help.

Zander issued a call to action on Twitter that has since gone viral, urging Florida high school seniors to order free “Say Gay” stickers to wear at their graduation ceremonies.

While hundreds of students responded, rallying behind the cause, the Sarasota County School Board still issued a statement explaining that, “a graduation should not be a platform for personal political statements,” and claiming to be prepared to “take appropriate action”.



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