To: President Donald Trump and The United States House of Representatives

Let's not confuse religion with health insurance

Let's eliminate the confusion between religion and providing health services. We need legislation that will move health services out of the hands of private employers who want the ability to dictate what services should or should not be covered. Medicare should be available to all American citizens.

Why is this important?

In this current political climate in which women's access to contraceptives is seen a threat to religious freedom, it has become clear that an employer-based insurance system is perilious at best. If employers are allowed the ability to decide that providing health services constitutes an attack against religion, it is clearly time to move away from an employer-based insurance system and look towards an alternative such as offering Medicare for all American citizens. Everyone deserves a right to medical care. Your employer should not have the ability to decide that you are not allowed to be treated. Heath care needs to move to the public arena, and out of the hands of private employers.