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To: Marlin Independent School District

Lift Coach Hartsfield’s Suspension

Coach Jameus Hartsfield has be suspended two games and the dates are 1/14 & 1/18. Coach Hartsfield is being punished for his efforts to change the perception of our young men who attend Marlin High School. The picture showing the dress shoes apparently left some scuff marks on the dance floor at Marlin Jr High School when the Varsity basketball team was taking pictures so the administration is wanting Coach Jameus Hartsfield to pay out his pocket to get the scuff marks removed. Coach Hartsfield refused to pay out of pocket so the administration suspended him for two games. Please sign this petition to help overturn the suspension on Coach Jameus Hartsfield.

Why is this important?

It is important that we stand behind Coach Hartsfield and the Marlin Bulldogs Basketball team. Our boys deserve his Leadership because he understands that this is bigger than basketball. Please show your support and sign your name.


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