To: Sound Transit Board of Directors

Light Rail: Run After Bars Close!

Sound Transit's Link Light Rail should expand hours to provide service after bars close in order to cut down on drunk driving and to provide a safe means of transportation that does not rely on taxis or rideshare companies.

Why is this important?

Sound Transit's Link Light Rail has recently expanded to include service to Capitol Hill and UW. While this is an excellent addition, the last service both to and from these areas is before 1AM. Most bars close at 2AM, leaving riders to take a taxi or rideshare back, so instead some people choose to drive - and then drive home drunk. Expanding service until 2:30AM on Fridays/Saturdays and 1:30AM on other days would not only help decrease drunk driving but likely be cost effective given the high demand of Seattle's excellent bars, which are now served by the new stations. This petition is to request that the Sound Transit Board of Directors expand operating hours for the good of public safety and service to our community.