To: Laurie Mendeszoon, Store Manager

Macy's Cosmetics And Fragrance Workers Are Joining The UNION!

We the customers, union members and the communities around Boston demand Macy's to STOP the antiunion campaign against their own workers at the Downtown Boston store!

Why is this important?

Macy's management has engaged in lies, intimidation, and bribing tactics against their own cosmetics and fragrance associates at the Downtown Boston Macy's. This kind of attack to break their efforts to unionize is unacceptable. It's important for our communities, friends and families to stand behind these brave workers as they fight for a better future and VOTE UNION YES this July 19th - 2019.

Reasons for signing

  • Without a union contract macys gives nothing and even then it's still a fight to get what they agreed to.
  • To the management at Macys: SHARE THE WEALTH! I know that 'brick and mortar" retail sales are hurting, including at Macys, due to the online success of the behemoth Amazon; however, for as long as there's money to pay Macy executives obscene amounts of money, there's money for a "living wage" compensation package for Macy's rank and file workers. Let's stimulate the economy by redistributing the wealth at the payroll office as opposed to with tax policy and social welfare programs. The m...
  • Y’all wanna do this for the Spokane wa store too bc id be appreciative

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