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To: GW Class of 2021

Make GW and President LeBlanc reconsider their decision on Commencement 2021

Please sign, and let the GW administration and President LeBlanc know how you feel. You have worked incredibly hard the last three and a half years, and we deserve to have a safe, smart, outdoor, masked, and in person commencement in May of 2021.

Why is this important?

Hi Everyone! After seeing the email from GW and President LeBlanc this afternoon and being very disappointed as a member of the class of 2021, I decided to start this petition. We know much more about COVID-19 now than during last year's commencement. While I am not brushing aside the severity of COVID-19, we now know how affective masks are, and that being outside lowers the risk of spreading the virus. I believe that commencement could still be held in May of 2021, on the national mall with everyone wearing masks. It is difficult to comprehend how the GW administration could make this decision 7 months in advance of commencement, when they made a final decision about fall 2020 three weeks before classes began, and when the conditions of the virus are constantly changing. I understand that GW must follow the DC guidelines laid out by the mayor, but so much can change in 7 months. I am calling for the GW administration and President LeBlanc to reconsider this decision, and hold off on any new decisions until we are closer to commencement weekend and have a better understanding of what the COVID-19 conditions will be at that time.


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