To: The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Ron DeSantis

Make March 31st into César Chávez Day!

Designate March 31st as Cesar Chavez Day, an official state holiday, in Florida.

Why is this important?

The Young American Dreamers know that our youth is inspired by the heroes we celebrate and are empowered by the history we teach them. Cesar Chavez, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, was a champion of the labor rights movement that included a rich history in Florida. His actions directly impacted Florida's agriculture industry as he organized its citrus and sugarcane workers in the fight to stop worker exploitation and pesticide exposure. While teaching everyone about Cesar Chavez and the history of the labor rights movement, it's important that we also highlight that he accomplished all this under the principles of non-violence.

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This resolution is dated as it was first presented to the State of Florida in 2015. You can read our resolution below:

The Young American Dreamers
In Collaboration With:
The Farm Worker Association of Florida | Farmworkers Self-Help | Farmworkers Ministry

A Resolution To Recognize March 31 As:
César Chávez Day
In The State Of Florida

WHEREAS, César Estrada Chávez was born on March 31, 1927, near Yuma, Arizona; and

WHEREAS, at the age of 10, César began laboring in fields after his family lost their farm during the Great Depression; and after achieving an eighth grade education, left school to work full time as a farm worker to help support his family; and

WHEREAS, at the age of 17, César joined the United States Navy and served in the Pacific; and

WHEREAS, in 1962, César co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers of America which organized migrant farm workers to fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, health coverage, pension benefits, livable housing, and outlawing child labor; and

WHEREAS, in 1970, César and the United Farm Workers of America began to organize citrus workers in Florida after learning of the deplorable living conditions and working environments that many of them were subject to; and

WHEREAS, César effectively used peaceful tactics that included fasting for 25 days in 1968, 25 days in 1972, and 36 days in 1988 to call attention to the terrible working and living conditions of farm workers and their children across the United States; and

WHEREAS, in 1972, through the leadership of César, the United Farm Workers of America successfully bargained a contract with the Coca-Cola Company and the Minute Maid Company, that protected citrus workers across the state of Florida; and

WHEREAS, César died on April 23, 1993, and was laid to rest at the headquarters of the United Farm Workers of America, known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz; and

WHEREAS, since the death of César Estrada Chávez, schools, parks, streets, libraries, and other public facilities, have been named in his honor; and

WHEREAS, during his lifetime, César Estrada Chávez was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971, 1974, and 1975

WHEREAS, March 31 is recognized as “César Chávez Day”, an official State holiday in California, optional in Colorado and Texas; and

WHEREAS, on August 8, 1994, César Estrada Chávez was posthumously awarded the Presidential Award of Freedom; and

WHEREAS, on May 5, 2012, the Navy christened and launched the dry cargo/ammunition ship the USNS Cesar Chavez honoring César who served the Navy during World War II; and

WHEREAS, on October 8, 2012, the César Estrada Chávez National Monument in Keene, California was established; and

WHEREAS, on March 31, 2013, President Barack Obama proclaimed March 31 to be “Cesar Chavez Day” to honor the enduring legacy of Cesar Estrada Chavez; and

WHEREAS, the influence of César Estrada Chávez extends far beyond agriculture and provides inspiration for those working to better human rights, empower workers, and advance the American dream;

Be it resolved by The State of Florida:

That March 31, 2015, and each March 31 hereafter, is not only recognized as “Cesar Chavez Day” but that it is also designated as an official state holiday.