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To: President Biden

Make our Supreme Court more like Barbie Land!

Our judicial system has the responsibility to uphold our democracy and Constitution and should be a shining example of diversity and representation, reflecting our nation, with increased representation of women of color. Inspired by the all-women Supreme Court in the Barbie Movie, we envision a diverse court that is fully representative of our values —and there's no reason that can't be a reality.
We demand that President Biden continue his commitment to appointing a diverse slate of federal judges and specifically creating pathways for women of color, trans, and nonbinary candidates to be appointed at all levels of our judicial system, from the lower courts all the way to the Supreme Court. Together, we can build a judicial system that is even more diverse and representative than what Barbie Land could imagine.

Why is this important?

A diverse and representative Supreme Court is not just a goal; it's an imperative for our democracy. The decisions made by the Supreme Court have a profound impact on the lives of every American, and to ensure that justice is served, the Court must reflect the experiences and perspectives of the diverse communities it serves.

For the first 80 years of the U.S. judicial system, there wasn't a single woman represented. And over 200 years later, progress has continued to lag. About a third of all judicial positions are held by women and only 2% of federal judges are Black women. And for the highest court in our country, the statistics are even more dismal. Out of the 115 justices that have served on the Supreme Court, only six have been women and we have never had an out transgender or gender nonbinary justice appointed.

By promoting greater representation of women of color in the judicial system, we are opening doors to much-needed expertise, fresh perspectives, and a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by different communities. A diverse Supreme Court can help build trust in the judicial system and foster greater public confidence in the decisions made by the Court.

Additionally, when we have federal judicial courts that are truly representative, we send a powerful message to every young person that they too can aspire to serve on the highest court in the land. Yes, we know this inspiring Supreme Court of Barbie Land is just a movie—but maybe it's time we take the compelling vision of fiction and infuse our reality with it. Like Barbie, every young person in this country should know they can be anything they want to be.


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