To: Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-2)

Martha McSally -- end the NRA's control over congress

Martha McSally -- the entire USA needs relief from endless acts of gun violence. Please stop taking the NRA's funding for your vote, use your conscience, and donate whatever money you've already received from the NRA to families who have suffered because of guns in the hands of the wrong people or to charities that help families who have suffered.

Why is this important?

I know that after Sandy Hook one poll said that over 90% of Americans favored strong gun control laws, but the Senate/Congress never even bothered to react to that because they all know that those laws can't pass because of the (dark) money given to so many of our representatives. This is shameful! I feel lucky that I or my family have not (yet) been impacted by all the dangerous guns floating around in the hands of many people who shouldn't have them.