To: The Honorable Michele Sandoval, Mayor

Mayors, Bring the Troops and War Dollars Home

The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), meeting in Baltimore, June 20, unanimously adopted a resolution urging a speedy end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, safe return of our soldiers, and transfer of the $126 billion spent on these wars to meet “vital human needs, promote job creation, rebuild our infrastructure, aid municipal and state governments, and develop a new economy based upon renewable and sustainable energy.”

Like all communities, Port Townsend is struggling with budget cuts on vital services ranging from public schools to care for the elderly. We urge you to endorse the USCM resolution and add your voice to the call for the reordering of our national priorities.

We also urge that the USCM resolution be placed on the agenda of an upcoming City Council meeting for discussion by council-members and citizens.

Why is this important?

Ask your mayor to support the unanimous resolution of the recent US Conference of Mayors to bring troops home and use the war dollars saved in our community for many of the vital human services we need.


Reasons for signing

  • Eight years of warfare for a war (Iraq) that was based on false premises is un- American and just plain idiotic. Ten years of warfare in Afghanistan with no end in sight, in a backward country that lives in the 18th century, is equally ridiculous. Time to go home.
  • We must start somewhere, even one town at a time, to demand a stop to killing that is being done in our names, with our money, by our young men and women. The cost to our country is staggering, and yet the Federal government has more and more excuses to extend our time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Local government needs to get together and say enough is enough. Please consider the USCM.
  • It is time to bring to a speedy close our war machine abroad and protect and rebuild the environment and our home base.