To: Pat McCrory, Governor

McCrory: Come clean on Medicaid

Governor McCrory, stop lying about the cost of North Carolina's Medicaid system to justify your partisan political goals. We deserve honest, open answers about our Medicaid system, not manipulated audits and convenient excuses.

Why is this important?

In order to make the case for privatizing our existing Medicaid system, and justify not expanding it to cover an additional 500,000 North Carolinians, McCrory's administration altered audit responses in order to achieve an inaccurate outcome. They then used these inaccurate findings to tell lies about the inefficiency of North Carolinian's system and characterize it as "broken", when nothing could not have been further from the truth.

We think it's time for Governor McCrory and DHHS Secretary Wos to stop lying to the taxpayers of North Carolina and come clean about the cost of our Medicaid system. McCrory knows that administrative costs of the Medicaid program are not 30 percent higher than other states, but he keeps saying it anyway. Wos knows it too.

This is the Governor's one chance to tell the truth. It's a matter of trust, Governor, and right now the only thing that is "broken" seems to be your reputation.

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