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To: Your Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo

Menstruation Chose US

Please in all humility, scrap the taxes on sanitary towels if possible make them free for teenagers especially those in slums and rural areas

Why is this important?

Before the hike in sanitary towel prices, most people couldn't afford it. The only time they get to experience a clean menstrual cycle is once in a while when they receive sanitary gifts from organizations such as my nonprofit Goldcoast Literacy Program. which in turn educates them on menstrual hygiene. Those of us working can barely keep up with the prices. I bought one for the price of 15 cedis from a wayside vendor, not the mall or supermarkets and for someone who usually uses two packs, it was a bit troubling. How about our teenagers in the sums and rural communities how do we educate them on menstrual hygiene when we have nothing to show even if we go with one towel for demonstration it ends there because they can't afford it. We want healthy lifestyles free from any disease that can be caused by indecent menstruation.
We didn't choose this, it chose us.

How it will be delivered

In person with other alliances to the government.


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Let's get the government to scrap the taxes on sanitary towels.