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To: Gavin Newsom

Micro gym/ professional pilates studios

Micro gym/ professional pilates studios

Micro gyms with 1:1 training and SMALL group training 1:4 should be allowed to open. Unlike boot-camp style training with high volume and high density, micro gyms like traditional small class pilates and private training are able to provide the necessary safe requirements for student and teacher. The progression of Covid- prevention practices should include mandatory hand santizing upon entry, personal handles and straps, adequate spacing, 9+ feet apart, instructor 10 feet away, cotton face masks, beach towels, and open windows if at all possible. It would be in each City or County's best interest to inspect businesses and assist in helping us open instead of putting a blanket description over us and stuffing all gyms in one box! Officials are happy to knock on the door for code compliance, how about for Covid- compliance?

Why is this important?

The longer we stay closed, the harder it will be to reopen. Most of the studio owners I know are female and some mothers, like myself a single mom. Most of us have created a community and specialties that set us apart. Many of us take pride in our businesses to creat a clean and professional environment with the highest standards yet fear has taken the confidence and comfort away from our clients.
We need individual officials to inspect and make individual determinations based on today's practices. It's as important as getting tested. If we are healthy with safe practices with no business, we will still deteriorate. The years of commitment to my community could be lost in a matter of months because my business model got thrown in with 24 hour fitness. My wish is for individual determination, and screening for healthy and wise practices so true micro gyms can open and get back to the work of helping others thrive!

Reasons for signing

  • Attention needs to be paid to small businesses trying to survive during the Covid-19 Pandemic. A well thought out operational plan taking in to account the compliance to California‚Äôs Covid-19 social behavior standards should be permitted as quickly as possible!
  • Pilates studios are low volume highly socially distanced facilities. This makes them ideal to open up and allow people to exercise. Exercise and well being are critical components of overall mental and physical health. Please consider reopening now.


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