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To: USABL Leadership

Middlesex Blue Jays USABL Playoff schedule

Middlesex Blue Jays USABL Playoff schedule

Our blue jays baseball team has been unfairly backed into a corner with regards to the time of our playoff game. Our head coach has been communicating with USABL and the other coach for over 1 week to gain more than 1 option for the game to be scheduled with no luck. We were supposed to play today and our kids were ready in uniform and leaving their homes for the game when we were notified it was canceled. Now we are forced to play tomorrow when more than 1/4 of our team is busy with other obligations. This is not fair to our kids. USABL should not allow the other coach to bully us into a game time where we do not have enough players to field a team. We want action to change this game to a mutually convenient time and day for everyone. That is only fair.

Why is this important?

Our kids deserve to play.

Reasons for signing

  • Kids deserve to play


2021-10-30 12:17:04 -0400

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