To: David Baron, Chair of JPNC Zoning Committee, Matt O'Malley, City Councilor, Liz Malia, State Representative, Sonia Chang Diaz, State Representative, Matthew Fitzgerald, Members of the Board of Appeals c/o Matthew Fitzgerald, and Michael ...

Mordechai Levin: Make 3353 Washington St. Affordable for Our Community

Mordechai Levin’s proposed apartment/commercial development at 203-209 Green St. and 3353-3359 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain, MA should include 25% affordable residential units. The affordable units should be affordable for households earning 70% AMI, and density-bonus units should be affordable for households earning 40% AMI. Mordechai Levin's current proposal falls far short of the Plan JP/Rox affordability standards, the JP Neighborhood Council's longstanding affordability standards, AND (most importantly) the affordability levels needed to preserve the racial and economic diversity of our vibrant neighborhood.

Why is this important?

Our neighborhood is home to an exceptionally diverse group of residents. The Green Street Renters Association supports development without displacement, and greater affordability at Mordechai Levin's proposed 3353 Washington St. development is needed in order to protect and preserve the racial and economic diversity of our community.


Reasons for signing

  • No more unaffordable housing in jp!
  • Do the right thing. You can do better. Boston residents deserve better.
  • Holding this person to the terms of the agreement is the least you can do. And you should be pushing for MORE affordable housing not less!