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To: Senator Cory Booker and Representative Jim McGovern

National Food Insecurity Summit

National Food Insecurity Summit

"More than 35 million Americans live in households that struggle against hunger" (Food Research and Action Center, 2019). The last time the White House addressed food insecurity was 50 years ago (NPR, 2021). We need a national conversation to deal with food insecurity now!

Why is this important?

In communities across the country, the lines at food pantries are stretching longer and longer, and there's no clear end in sight. But now, with economic instability, new estimates point to some of the worst rates of food insecurity in the United States in years. It's a crisis that's testing families, communities and the social safety net in ways that may have seemed unthinkable before the pandemic began (NPR, 2020).

Reasons for signing

  • Investing in food security for everyone so they have plenty to eat should be a win-win! You can't go wrong with this investment! Drop in crime all the way to economic benefits should result from this! Not to mention a healthier, happier population!
  • We are a wealthy nation and should take care of our own. Our strength is our people and how well they are taken care of.
  • Food is a basic human right that should be made available to everyone. Society is set up to benefit the wealthy and if income is not going to be addresses and balanced, at a minimum, food should be provided to people who are marginalized and oppressed.


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