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To: US House of Representatives, US Senate, POTUS, the American public, the world at large.



Big Pharma has been preying on the instinct to survive as their means of maximizing profits for decades, forcing people to pay exorbitant sums of money just to have the luxury of living to see another day. This is completely unacceptable and is, in point of fact, a Crime Against Humanity. Big Pharma must be fully nationalized, and the shareholders and CEOs held accountable for their role in perpetuating such a genocidal enterprise.

Why is this important?

The very act of forcing a person to pay exorbitant sums of money just to live to see another day is nothing short of a Crime Against Humanity, as without life, the purpose of Capital becomes moot and such an act deliberately dehumanized those in need of life-saving drugs, treating them as nothing more than numbers on a spreadsheet.

The only way to preserve and protect life, as is the charge of the US Government to begin with, is to guarantee Healthcare as a human right by having it funded solely through tax dollars, including Big Pharma. By allowing the Pharmaceutical industry to coerce the public into paying astronomical amounts of money that they don't have (since employers refuse to pay workers living wages and prices of everything else is increasing), the US Government is complicit in what is effectively a combination of Highway Robbery and Negligent Genocide of both its own people and the greater population of the world.

US Pharma companies also bring their predatory ways to the shores of other countries, which forces those countries' taxpayers to fork over more than they need to in order to satisfy the greed of Big Pharma shareholders. This puts unnecessary and inexcusable pressure on our peer nations and their citizens by holding all of their lives hostage for the sake of Corporate profits. Again, this is why such a practice is a Crime Against Humanity.

By nationalizing Big Pharma, we are not only saving the lives of millions of Americans, we are also saving the lives of as many people as possible the world over, as there would no longer be the presence of shareholders to price gouge the public at large, reducing Healthcare costs in every single country - including the US. These sharks have gotten away with their brand of Sacrificial Genocide for too long already and it's time to take away this avenue of profiteering and make it part of the common good, guaranteeing Healthcare and the life-saving drugs included in it to all who require them. All people need Healthcare to live. The pursuit of profits is meaningless if people can't afford to live.

Reasons for signing

  • The nature of Big Pharma is Greed, pure and simple. Everyone needs Healthcare to live, including life-saving drugs.


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