To: OCTA Customer Relations Department

NEED Public Transit To & From Canyons in OC Mountains!

Tax-payers deserve a rural public transit route along Santiago Canyon Road, which would connect canyon residents to urban services (food, gas, jobs, etc.) and outdoor enthusiasts to the world class scenery of the Santa Ana Mountains.

Why is this important?

The canyon communities of Silverado, Williams, Modjeska and Trabuco Canyons are home to over a thousand tax-payers (mostly seniors & families), yet there is no public transit available in this area. These rural, historic communities are within the Santa Ana Mountains, OC's largest wild and scenic area. The mountains are a major outdoor recreation destination for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, picnickers and tourists. Transportation to and from this area is extremely difficult, unless one owns a personal vehicle or is willing to ride a bike or walk 12+ miles along a remote highway from Santiago Canyon College in Orange or Trabuco Hills High School in Mission Viejo. If residents and tourists can take public transit to and from the beach, why can't they take it to and from the mountains?